Floating in drysuits


Floating in great lake saimaa (1H)

Experience floating in icy water safely in drysuits. These special suits will keep you warm and dry even in extreme conditions and sub zero temps. In wintertime even the transfer to floating place is an adventure.

Price: 48€/person

Price includes: guiding, needes suits and in winter time transfer with snowmobile sleds.

SUP & Floating


Totally new sport! Combine SUP-boarding and icy water.  In drysuits you can’t get too cold and safety is not an issue. Perhaps the only place in the world to do this!

Price 68 € / person

Floating in river Vuoksi (1h)

Jump in the icy stream of river Vuoksi and let the current do the work. Stream will carry you about 2km’s downriver and meanwhile you can enjoy the scenery and once in a lifetime exprience.

Special suits will keep you warm and dry even in extreme conditions and sub zero temps.


Price: 70 € / person


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