Sample program (winter)

Welcome to Lake Saimaa and Have Fun!




Day 1 – Welcome to Finland

After arriving in Finland we take you at first to a sightseeing the beautiful winter of South Karelia. In Imatra we check in and have Get Together Party. Dinner is served at the Hotel’s restaurant.

Karelian hospitality and joyful atmosphere welcomes you all the way from the beginning of your journey. Your host will meet you at the airport or railway station and lead you to experience beautiful South Karelia. An adventure on the Lake Saimaa can begin.

At the Get Together Party we will give you special visas. You will need the adventure visa, because at the end of each day the best group will be awarded with adventure-stamps..

After checking in it is time to rest for a while and later you are welcome to join the dinner at the hotel restaurant.




Day 2 – Enjoy the nature

Day consist of snowmobiling and horse riding. Small groups will compete against each other and best group will be rewarded at the gala dinner in the evening.
The Day starts with a breakfast at the hotel. There is also a conference room reserved for you to work.

Bus transfer to the Finnish Farm House and Motor Sports Center where the motorsports and riding facilities are waiting for you. The group takes part in the snowmobile safari and/or enjoy the nature by riding horses. Best driver’s adventure visa will be stamped. After activities it’s time for lunch.

For lunch: Racing Man’s (or woman’s) grilled menu: fish, salad, sausages and sashlik.

After the lunch the two groups change the activities with each other. Best group of the day will be awarded in a ceremony during the Gala Dinner.

After the activities it’s time to experience traditional Finnish sauna. There is also a hot tub to relax.
After dinner and sauna bus transfer back to the Hotel.




Day 3 – Have Fun and Relax

The third day is made of experiences; fishing, floating in the open water, skating and skiing on the Lake Saimaa. Relaxing moments can be enjoyed in the Spa Imatra. At the end of the day dinner will be served at the Castle Hotel.

We begin the day with a breakfast at the hotel. After the breakfast a bus transfer to the Lakeside of Imatra. Beginning of the ice-program competition; skating, skiing and fishing on the ice. Salmon soup lunch is served in the hut close to the activity area. The real adventure will continue by floating in the River Vuoksi wearing dry suits. Floating is great way to relax.  Those who will take part in the floating are going to be rewarded with awards and stamps to their adventure visas. The day full of activities will culminate in the spa.

In the evening you can enjoy the Emperors Dinner at the Castle Hotel. The group who have collected most of all stamps will be rewarded.  Bus transfer back to the hotel, if the group has chosen to stay in another hotel.




Day 4 Bye Bye Finland

After the breakfast you can work in the conference room or go shopping.


Adventure visas can be made to fit company profile and of course rewards can be company products. Brand marketing is also possible in activity places during the days. The program is always planned by customers wishes. Contact us for more information.

See also optional programs below.



Optional programs:


Survival Challenges

The Arctic Ice Adventure

This Arctic Ice Adventure guides you into the world and atmosphere of an arctic expedition, on cross country skis. A combination of excellent equipment and skilled guides create frames for the accomplishments in cold water and ice, which is an experience that you will remember forever.

The members of the group will be provided with warm winter clothing, dry suits and cross-country skis. The guide, with all the required equipment and gear, starts the Arctic expedition by leading the group to the ice. The group follows the track through the wonderful winter scenery skiing on the natural ice of Lake Saimaa, towards the most incredible part of the Adventure! Among the ice floes we cross the icy water and open waterway. The creativity of the group can be taken into practise and practical drysuits will approve to be useful, while the great Adventure continues; again into the icy water.

The adventurers will be surprised by the warm and cosy settings waiting for them on one of the isles, belonging to the archipelago of Lake Saimaa, which is barren in a beautiful and unique way. The sauna will be heated in the evenings and the most daring members of the group can challenge themselves by winter swimming, this time without their dry suits.



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